Whatever challenges a school is facing, our consultants have the experience and the expertise to help. Our specialists have spent many years working with schools successfully. We have created a wide range of education consulting services to help schools reach their goals. Our consulting services are ideal for any school looking for actionable recommendations and guidance to improve its processes. Our services can help the schools optimize any aspect of their improvement plans. We understand that improvement journey looks different for every school, so all our services can be tailored to fit the needs and budget of each school to have a new story to tell.



Skylark employs the most skillful and internationally experienced kindergartens and schools’ consultants to provide the services of establishing and supervising kindergartens and schools in accordance with international quality assurance standards. The service includes, for example, but not limited to preparing economic and academic feasibility studies and/or advice to operating schools and improving their performance based on national and international standards. Moreover, providing consultancies in the field of schools’ international accreditations; EDEXCEL, Cognia, IB, CIE. In other words, Operating international schools in accordance to the board’s standards of accreditation.

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