English Language courses

Such as conversation and grammar. Those are offered along with more advanced courses such as TOEFL & IELTS preparation courses and TESOL, all of which are given by licensed native and semi native instructors.

These classes are for those who want to enjoy learning English through interesting conversation classes with a native-speaking teacher. Learning with a native speaker challenges students to speak English fluently.

Conversation Classes

We offer TOEFL preparation courses for those wishing to apply to American or British-based universities. These preparatory courses are tailored to equip students for the exam and to instill confidence and competence in their ability to achieve required results.

TOEFL- IBT preparation

Get ready for the SAT/ACT Tests! the most widely used standardized tests for college admissions. They are created and administered by College Board and Connect Me Education. Both are your shortest way to get the best college admission offer.

SAT/ACT Preparation

“What do college admission boards really looking for, anyway”?

These series of workshops walk you through the United States and Canadian college and universities admission processes. From helping you correctly fill out the forms and obtaining teacher recommendations, to showing you how to write long essays, our experienced native English speakers will answer your questions and assist you in getting through this process smoothly.

College Admissions boards

Find out how the TOEIC tests can help you hire and recruit the most qualified employees and discern who indeed has adequate English skills to compete in the workplace.


Educational Testing Service (ETS) developed the TOEFL® Junior™ test for the English language learning needs of students in middle school. The TOEFL Junior test is the newest addition to ETS’s TOEFL.

Junior TOEFL

The TOEFL Primary™ tests are assessments from ETS that help you shape young learners’(ages 8+) English – Language instruction. It provides a foundation for students’ future success.

Primary TOEFL

English Language Technical Writing

Technical writers, also called technical communicators, are in high demand. Learn how to produce instruction manuals and develop, gather, and disseminate technical information to communicate complex and technical information more easily.

 Introduction to iTTi TEFL/TESOL Certification Courses for Teachers

TEFL/TESOL certificate courses are generally given within four -week, 120-hours. These are intensive courses offered both on-site classes with teaching practice. The courses are best designed for those who want to study in one of iTTi worldwide locations under the supervision of an experienced TEFL trainer. There are other options for those who prefer online courses. And other options for participants who want mingled classes -online / on site courses. In addition to TEFL/TESOL certification, other specialized courses are offered such as Teaching Business English, Young Learners and TOEFL/ILETS Preparation courses.

Program 1


This program can be taken at any time. It is very suitable for those who
work using English language as the communication language with school age
students all over the world. The materials of the course is developed by iTTi.
The final assessment will be done at the end of the course with possibility of
two attempts. This course is a good opportunity for the ones who have teaching
experiences and would like to be developed and certified professionally. If the
course is actual, you will learn everything with a trainer face to face with

combination of online support sessions. The TEFL trainer will
observe your classes and coach the prospective teacher to higher levels of

(Duration: 3 Months)  

TEFL Certification (Self Study/ Virtual and /or Actual)

120 Hours

Program 2

The entire course takes place in Education at the institution or
online. Students learn everything with a trainer face to face with combination
of online support sessions. The TESOL trainer observes the classes and coaches
the prospective teacher to higher levels of performance.


(Duration: 4 Months)

220 TESOL Certification

120 TEFL is a prerequisite for this course.

Program 3

This course is the continuity of 220 TEFL course. It deepens
your pedagogical knowledge and stand out in the teaching of English as a
foreign Language. Level 4 TEFL courses are named as such because they have been
assessed as a Level 5 qualification under the OFUAL qualifications framework.
OFQUAL is an organization that reports directly to the British Parliament
manages a qualification

farmwork consisting of eight levels of ascending difficulty. A
grade of D, E, F, or G at GCSE is considered Level 1, and at the top of the
scale at Level 8 is a PHD.

Duration (6 -9 Months)

Level 5 TEFL Course

Program 4

This course equipes the teacher/trainer with the skills needed to be a TOFEL/IELTS trainer.

No. of hours:50

Duration: 2 Months

Usually, this course is granted for free for those who pass the

 120-hour TEFL program.


Certified TOFEL/IELTS Trainer

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