skylark mission Our Strategic Objectives

Skylark seeks to achieve the goals of the international education sector by meeting the needs of recent growing social, educational, and technological demands within a competitive, 21st century milieu.

Such goals include:Disseminating international curricular schooling to conform with today’s expectations in the conservative Arab society blending both the culture’s tradition and values with the inevitable modern complexities.

Qualifying a new generation of university graduates to become internationally qualified teachers in the national and international Regions.

Developing internationally recognized professional development qualifications that meet the needs of an approved recognition in the area; by Global Ministries of education which contributes to the renaissance of higher education in the Middle East.

Contributing to the establishment of nationally and internationally recognized and accredited institutions in the national and international Regions.

Updating educational institutions in the Middle East, in accordance with the latest specifications of national and international quality assurance standards of Education.

Building strategic partnership relations and joint ventures with the most powerful national and international institutions of the same trends and goals.

our values

The turn of the new century has witnessed several vigorous challenges, most important of all is the “Manufacturing of Education”, which accompanied many new terms that are congruent with the manufacturing process, terms like “Education Engineering” and “Knowledge-Based Economy”, etc. For those reasons, we have taken it upon ourselves to devotedly face any challenges aimed at hindering our progress, to provide the latest trends in the world of education.


We have employed our in-house developed Strategic Planning and Evaluation Procedures to come up with a product so flawless and practical and are continuously striving to improve our performances across the board.


All that excellence has led to one inevitable outcome; we have cemented our name, as an advanced educational institute, both nationally and internationally. We have gained many years of experience and have put forth many more in the service of our clients, whom are at the heart of our pride. These years are what make us who we are today, an institution that devotes every fiber in its existence towards elevating the educational standard to new heights.


Our staff is as dedicated as ever, our advancements will continue to grow and with our clients’ support we shall prevail. We will not waiver, we will not tire, and we will not falter. We are here to make a difference, we are… Skylark.

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