Before registration carefully read our terms and conditions joining one of our services:

Skylark International Admission Terms and Conditions:

Before joining the course, please read the admission terms, conditions, and withdraw instructions. These will be considered official and bide to legal liability once you proceed in your registration.

  1. I agree that these terms and conditions are legal once I accept proceeding in my registration.
  • I pledge to provide correct data about me in terms of telephone numbers, residence, and signature. Any mistake will be considered as misguidance and will be used against me to protect the legal rights of Skylark International.
  • Skylark International has the right to use agreeing on these terms and conditions as an attested financial record.
  • I agree not to save the platform material such as videos of the online courses during or after the course. And to go in accordance with the instructions of each course. And I do not have the right to copy or share with others or take screen shots under legal liability.
  •  Once the registration fee payment is accepted, it will be non-refundable.
  •  I am not entitled to withdraw from the course after registration and  obliged to pay all instalments of the course. This happens only when the platform is open according to my demand and request.

I pledge not to be subjected to negative criticism on social media after or during the service is being held. However, compliant letter can be sent via formal email address of Skylark International. Any compliant will be taken into consideration and resolved as soon as possible.

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