Training Programs and Diplomas International Schools’ Programs and Diploma (IG/IB/AHSD)

Focuses on international programs that are based on teacher’s subject matter and the implementation of foreign programs. It includes methods of how school administration may run the program, and ways to put it into practice.

The program addresses the needs of the
international schools in the Region. It equips school owners, principals, administrators,
coordinators and teachers with tools and skills that will raise the level of
the school’s educational outcomes and the quality of services provided to
stakeholders. It also aims to provide learners with the skills, latest trends
in educations, and knowledge and practices that would ensure the progress and
development of their institutions. The program relies on using interactive learning
and focusing on the essential requirements for different international
educational programs. It provides subject -based courses, an overview of the
various assessments and tests administration, an insight on international
pedagogy, teaching skills, international assessments, learning styles, and
multiple resources. Most importantly, the various taught subjects are aligned
with the 21st century teaching standard, the philosophy and needs of
international programs, locating resources, planning to set benchmarks, utilizing,
and understanding assessments, and much more.

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