Schools’ Extra Curricula STEAM (Project- Based Learning) Science of Programming and IT

A curriculum follows the modern trend in STEAM education, Science, Technology, Engineering, Design, Arts and Mathematics. Nova and Razmi are the main characters in the series. The curriculum highlights the concepts of STEAM by integrating conceptual experiences of practical activities centered on building specific and self-directed experiences and laboratory experimental research in teams of two or more.

Learning to code has become an essential element of a child’s education and a great way for them to express their creativity and imagination.

Learning to code is a great opportunity for children of all ages to develop their problem-solving and critical thinking skills, while building the necessary focus and organization to see projects through to completion.

The curriculum begins with drag-and-drop visual programming in which children connect blocks together to make programs. Visual programming teaches the fundamental concepts without typing or syntax by placing the focus on the logic behind the code in a story telling format.

After learning the basics, children can transition to real-world programming languages like Python, JavaScript, and C++.

The curriculum is supported with electronic games and exercises that enhance the lessons’ main concepts and outcomes.  From offline learning, in-person coding instruction to live online tutoring, there are endless coding resources available.

The best coding platforms and programs give children from first grade to 8th grade the experience and the ability to code while making the process fun and engaging.

Why should kids learn to code at an early age?

Because technology is prevalent in virtually every aspect of our daily lives and has revolutionized today’s world.

Because understanding how to code has become an essential skill to compete in school and in the workforce.

Because coding empowers children of all ages to become makers of technology by tapping into their ability to bring their imagination to life.


Because Kids and teens who code excel at school in math and science, even reading, while developing a skill that will prepare them for future job opportunities.

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